puppy is understandably confused about everything in life

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I’m trying to say that we aren’t perfect and imperfection is sexy but everything comes out stupid.

—Derrick Brown (via rarararambles)

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I think we all speak a different kind of language
than each other, but you sound a whole lot like coffee on a
Sunday morning and the rain is falling bitter against the windowpane
and your elbows are making holes in the countertops, and
I only want to tell you that I wish I was as close as the threads of your
t-shirt, and if I can’t be that, then I’ll be content with
drinking my drink beside you, with the rain sloppy open mouth kissing
the roof, trying to dismantle the etymology of a conversation
that falls out of the realm of words.

—Shinji Moon, He Loves the Rain  (via thatkindofwoman)

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i literally can’t with how good my weekend was and how much i love my friends. How much i love the people in my life. 

4 days till my week off from work, vacation, sun sand beach and NO CLIENTS AHHAHAHAHAHAAAA